Maximum points/highest tier possible via pre-season

Supposedly, the automatic tier placement factors in one your previous round(s) as well.

Is it even possible to start off at Amethyst or Diamond Tier?

I always start at Sapphire. Have you started at Ruby?

I feel like I have once, but I honestly don’t remember. I almost always start as Sapphire/Emerald. Honestly, if you’re shooting for PD-Tier (which I definitely am at the moment), the ranking is almost irrelevant until you reach Amy Tier. I almost always get 250-400ish points per win, until I reach the Amy tier. If I could skip the Sapphire and Ruby tiers all together, it’ll be worth it.

I feel that this pre season placement stuff is not as effective. The 5 games you had to play to start out Supermax probably assigned you to a certain league and you always start there, maybe if you grind the preseason, you can start a tier higher/lower but I believe that this is it. No matter how many, if any games I have played in preseason, I also always start at emerald or sapphire I think.

The same time and energy spent playing preseason games might as well be spent during the round. By the time you win 5 preseason games that would be enough to already have you in ruby if you wait and do it when the round starts. Even if you go 20-1 in preseason you won’t start in amy or dia league.

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Use preseason as practice for any lineup adjustments you want to test out.

I had a couple very good matchups against players in PD. It was worth the time, and one of the games was very entertaining.

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I have only heard of one person getting to ruby to start and they went like 17-2 in preseason