Max Evo Cards

Max Evo Cards

How many evo cards you guys maxed so far?
I’ve done Tmac, Udonis Haslem, Cedric Ceballos, Keita Bates-Diop & Anfernee Simons. Currently working on getting Wade from Sapphire to Ruby but them steals hard to come by. Any tips?

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hakeem + terrence ferguson

still gotta finish wade, haslem, bates diop, and simons

Good luck with the bum from the celtics

Lol who

Wade takes forever I’m almost 15 games in and just hit sapphire.

Haslem takes a decent amount of games probably around 10 or so.

TMac and TFurg are super quick you can get Tracy done in 3 games and Terrance done in 1 game.

You need to score 40 in a single with an ass

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Damn I haven’t maxed any yet lol

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Which Haslem it is? The emerald is an Evo player?


I got him to ruby and he’s still pretty worthless don’t worry about Haslem unless you’re just trying to boost your EVO card count.

This Wade grind is crazy long. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Sapphire Cedric Ceballos gets to ruby real quick and unlocks a solid three ball but his lack of defense height and speed are still major issues even as a ruby.

TMac will be Ruby really soon. Im gonna wait on upgrading the current dom rewards and go for JRich in one grind session

I got rose ruby earlier today and now working on wade in triple threat, trying to get to his 1st sapphire

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Any advice for boards for wade?

I played some games of TTO with him and 2 short players

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I’ve only played a few challenges, I will give tt a go tonight

I have 9 fully evolved Pokemon… I mean players. It makes domination go by quicker trying to level them up


Yeah its fun, I like this domination grind too. This sapphire cards make the current league cards useless haha.


Any hidden gems that stand out?

Cedric and Dwade I’m really liking. The Simons guy plays like a Ruby


TFerg is bonkers with his dunking. Skies for oops. I did a hop step dunk with him against the CPU. And he hits his threes. Defense is iffy, but not bad.