Mavs out here getting brutalized

Mavs out here getting brutalized

Love Doncic but he might as well he called Oncic because he don’t play no D.

Shouts out @Shoko

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I meant I stole your joke.

Luka just went Slovenian Hulk

He missed like 6 free throws in a row and ripped his shirt.

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Those Mavs jerseys are horrible.

Kuzma’s production tonight has a lot more to do with playing more minutes without Rondo and his high usage then it’s does starting imo

I’ma Nike guy thru and thru sometimes to a fault but the Nike jersey and shoe breaking in half without any effort is embarrassing

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I agree. Not a fan

They look ‘Nerf’ themed

Some intergalactic fucc boi theme

Outerspace fruitcake themed


Kuzma about due for a MOTW isn’t he? Hope lebron puts up 40+ so we get a PD before it’s time

Just turned on the TV, LeBron missed a open layup and then didnt even crossed the half court to play defence…

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Sooo Anyone still saying Kuzma is a trash Player? Just as i said. He’s a legit scorer. Mentally doesn’t seem like he’s ready to be a 6th man. He hasn’t adopted to the role. Kuzma as a starter on most teams will average about 20ppg. Having a GG tonight.

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How about that spin cycle through the contact? You see that?


Isn’t the whole reason they kept him there instead of Ingram was to score while complementing lebron…makes sense to have him starting rather than trying to force offence with rondo feeding him

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With the no call.

So much slapping contact every time LBJ drives it should honestly be a foul way more often.

And I never complain about refs really.

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That miss from Kuz. Jesus, sometimes his shot is so bad

Welp Mavs are no longer getting brutalized.

Looks like it’ll be a close one till the end.

About to be a sweaty finish with the 2 Laker centers having 5 fouls apiece

Nah they kept him because Ingram is up for the same deals Devin Booker and Jaylen Brown got.

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