Maurice Lucas..... Still a god

So I was messing around with lineups and came up with this. Coach is Popovich.

This team has been absolutely unreal for me. Went 11-1 twice in a few hours easy due to fast rage quits. I play offball and jump passing lanes with full court press, and it’s been pure cheesy delight.

Maurice Lucas really shines in this team, for some reason I green every 3 with him, and he jumps into every passing lane and can clamp any 1-4 out there, also snags.



Do you actually enjoy this pure cheesy delight or is it just for rewards?

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I mean its all clamp/versatility squad I think it’s pretty enjoyable, it’s kind of anti-cheeser if anything.

Watching people try to launch 3’s off of screens with Scotty and Maurice hounding them is amazing to watch.

Wait this is cheese?

That’s what he said.

Yeah because I semi-offball and sit in passing lanes with full/half court press.

You have no bench tho :blush:

He is a beast. I been using him big time. He not in ny lineup but he on my bence only because i got blake there but other then that he is unstoppable.

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Bench is the usual, rewards cards like DR J, Hakeem KP, ASG Kuzma etc etc.

I don’t think that’s cheese, those methods can be stopped, cheese to me is running all power forwards and centers in your starting lineup

Magic, Scottie, and Kawhi together are the best.

Nobody can do anything! Lmfao.

Have you tried all bronze bench? I need these tokens lol

I have Lucas and never tried him. Gonna give him some shine since I’m only playing offline till the 12th. My internet is down till then. Using hot spot.

Bro idk in this team he is a savage for me.

Also slapped the Kobe AD mid on him back when it was 40k. He bullies for me on offense, gets dimes blocks etc. I swear he greens every three too.

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Mo Lucas is very good, but I think diamond Josh Smith is even better!