Matt Barnes on the media talking about KD and his injury!

Matt Barnes is right! Everyone is always looking for a story at the expense of the actual truth. Media is wack af :triumph:. Keep it :100:




Get Well Soon KD :pray:


What is he gonna do about it , keep smoking ya blunt dawg

Probably my favorite Kobe moment ever. So fuckin savage. Love ya Mamba.


A week ago kd was a cup :cake:, for joining the warriors, and needs to go to ny. Now he had the potential to be a top 5 ever but the warriors staff ruined that. They aint slick!

By Warriors staff you also mean his independent consultants…

Analysis are out here playing the blame game. Theyre doing it to get kd to leave. The realness of the situation is that inside and outside people cleared him, and hes grown hes 30 he made his decision too. Time to move on!

Man this whole thing is such a fucking bummer. Im not even a KD fan but there is no denying his greatness. Just HATE to see it.

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Fan or not, you gotta appreciate his greatness. Dude is a beast. Sucks we as nba fans wont be able to watch kd ball until mid or late 2020. Like him or hate him hes fun to watch.

Yeah, uh no.

*hits the blunt

The Media can’t make you go out and play.