Matisse Thybulle 🗜 Thread

Matisse Thybulle :clamp: Thread

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He’s a good young kid. Media putting a target on his back though. Only a matter of time before he gets lit up. Looked good yesterday.

Everybody gets lit up. It’ll only help him in the long run. With instincts and activity like this, he’s going to be a great defender for a long time.


I see a lot of young Kawhi in him. Passion for defense.


Sixers didn’t even play remotely well last night, and still beat up the Celtics.

I gotta see him against the elite guys like Harden, Kyrie, Curry, Lebron, Kawhi, Giannis

But so far, I’m impressed, I gotta see him in the iso defense and in the post

His offense clearly still has quite a ways to go but still those hands man. Those fricking hands.

This kid is really good!! Great Defense!

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:thinking: Who leads the NBA in steals?

He’s the definition of the Heart Crusher badge.

If he can hit this shot at a 40% clip he’ll be one of the best bench players in the NBA.

:sleeping: So used to this it’s not even surprising…

He’s such a gentleman. He takes but he also gives.

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Number 1 in steals without being in the top something in minutes, kids an animal. Top 6 in blocks by guards too!


He’s a monster. If he gets even a mediocre jumpshot and finishing ability it’s a GG. Judging by his work ethic, I don’t doubt that it’ll come.

He has more BLOCKS than Carsen Edwards has made field goals this year. Carsen waaay better tho :roll_eyes:

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Who plays more?

Who creates such an impact on the game that they have earned more minutes?

To be fair tho, Matisse is horrible on offense. He’s shooting only 23.8% from the floor. Carsen Edwards has definitely been better offensively, he’s shooting 25% from the floor.

25% >>>> 23.8%

I think his ceiling is a better version of Danny Green and Robert Covington at their best. The way he reads passing lanes and anticipates the jumper to get steals/blocks is uncanny. If he develops a reliable three (he was OK in college), oh, damn.

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I doubt he’ll ever be the knockdown shooter Danny Green and Covington are. But he’ll definitely be a better ball handler than both of them. The way he can carve out his nitch offensively is tightening up his handles and being able to get to the free-throw line and finish in traffic more on top of becoming a league average shooter.

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You mean which team has no depth and has to rely on rookies playing heavy mins?

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I mean when that rookie is leading the entire NBA in steals why wouldn’t you play him heavy mins and allow him to figure it out on the offensive end? :man_shrugging:t5: Seems like the right move to make, especially if you just keep winning.

Kinda like how Brad Stevens keeps letting Jayson Tatum KOBE himself into oblivion shooting 31.5% from inside the 3pt line and taking 13.5 KOBE shots game. You take the bad with the good as a young player with elite skills grow and find their way.

Also…Matisse leads the entire NBA in steals per 36/per 100/per every single possible metric one can come up with regarding creating steals (among all players that have more than 9 minutes played this season) so please find a new slant. The boy’s a monster.

But yeah the thin Sixers are forced against their will to play a rookie who is averaging 5 steals per 36 minutes which apparently is a poor sample because…he’s played too many minutes? I’m so confused.

But I’m not confused about my love for Matisse.

Me me me

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Tacko Fall is averaging like 46pts 35rebs per 36mins. That’s the most useless stat there is, there’s a reason why those guys aren’t playing 36mins