Matchmaking is garbage

You know matchmaking is fucked up when this happens…

Why can’t 2K have people with opals play fellows with opals and people with diamonds play other people with diamonds??

I don’t even want to play MTU anymore, I can’t afford more than 1 opal, I have been playing lineups like these EVERY OTHER GAME.

And usually these people have no skill getting bailed out by their Thanos cards making heavilies in my face.



Looks like a snack to me.

What does that mean for a non-English mother tongue? :sweat_smile:

This is the face I make when these cards pop up on the lineup screen :joy::joy:

I agree…cheesers against cheesers, god squads against god squads, budget amy-diamond squads against the same thing

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Ariana Grande= snack

I have same kind of team.
I always think that it’s going to be an easy meal when I see a lineup like yours. Some of the best ppl I’ve played have your kind of team tho.


The problem is 2k can bless anyone who pulls packs with one card that can be sold for a god squad.

If you pulled Giannis, jordan, Bron or Shaq you have enough to buy 3 or 4 good opals

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I don’t mind playing cheesers as long as they have a similar team… I can be called a cheeser this year, I stopped running plays for PNR and some 5 out, so :sweat_smile:

I wouldn’t even mind playing pink diamonds, no problem at all. But this guy had a full opal team!!
On the bench he had opal Magic, opal Hakeem, opal AK47, opal Mullin…

How’s that even remotely fair??

Well he could’ve had this same team but no bench and that’s maybe 89 overall and 2k could put you every time against these since it’s only 3 ovr difference, they need some work with the matchmaking

If you’re not going for 12-0, dash these type of opponents

Basically control the matchmaking. And dash by opening another app that suspends NBA2k so you don’t get hit with the timeout ban. Never did this but it sounded fine

It’s all about skill, not expensive players. i have an almost perfect team and i never can go 12-0


The right kind of cheeseball would spend 20 minutes backing down wade with Simmons tho.

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Get Mo Bamba, 10x better than Hayes.

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I can’t emphasize this enough. Matchmaking is flawed, but people complain about the wrong thing. Matchmaking should be based on skill (previous record, current record, and some sort of ELO score). Basing it on the squad barely matters. A top player could probably beat my Opal squad with bronzes.

Batum on Simmons, Wade on Kobe, Reddish on KD. Don’t see much problem. If you’re skilled enough you can beat that lineup np.

It actually is an easy meal… I can put up a fight, but usually these cards are so good that even if I am a better player than my opponent, they will still score some bullshit :joy:
Today I lost at 8-0 against a team full of opals, then played a PD team and won, then played this one I showed and lost by 12… :man_shrugging:

In general PD Wade users give me 10x more troubles than Simmons users will ever.

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He wasn’t the best, but these cards bail you out… I could play perfect defense and still Simmons tramples and posterizes to the rim, I could close out on Bol and he still makes a heavily :man_shrugging: