Matchmaking broken?

I only match up with bums and shitty squads. Ive swept over and over and over. Im at amethyst token rewards now without locking anything. Im not sure wtf is going on… its really unejoyable playing against amy, ruby, sapphire teams. I barely ever play diamond teams. My homie gets to play against PD squads all the time. My team is 99 overall on offense and defense. Wtf is going on?? Btw what is friendly difficulty on ?

Enjoy it while it lasts lol

Its not enjoyable but i guess i could use it for an advatange for the 250k saturday. But still, when y finish ur 12 wins in a row the first try it starts to get insanely annoying and boring after if i only play bums. Only thing i can think of is that i need an amy+ center on my starter and bench. Cuz i still use ruby kat and ruby cousins. But i dont see any better options for stretch bigs.

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