Match making glitch

I found out a way to make your team a 59 over all. You have to do a few things to make it happen. I only played one good team with 2 diamonds. I will report this to 2k so they can fix it. But take advantage of it now.

If mod want this delete then please do so. Just wanted to help others. Private message me for info. I will not share on tread.

but then you have no bench!

Don’t need. My players never get tired cause I play a very slow pace and I use my timeouts, I always end up with 2 timeout left.

A lot of people already know this trick. Doubt 2k will fix it. Not like it really matters anyway, since the only people you’re likely to be matching up with is other people doing the trick. Anyone who doesn’t know about it will have a lineup too good to get matched with.

I don’t play mtu I don’t know the trick

Would it fool the CPU to make domination easier?


This is mad easy to do lol

And it still will match you up with the upper people

Exactly anyone that does this shit will be fucked in the end lmao


This was tossed around for awhile but i heard people still being matched up with teams full of diamonds+

What you’re gonna message 2K for Lol

They were aware of it and ramped up all the overalls in the first place

The reason I did it cause I’m going to Italy for 3-4 weeks for a job. And I had to get one of my players of all time. Hope 2k fix this when the next player of the month comes out. Yes it’s a cop out but I only had one try to get him. Sorry, I’m not that type of player.

I thought so at first, but I don’t think the CPU is fooled by anything lol.

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It’s just adjusting the minutes in the coaching menu…


11-0. Never matched with anyone’s with a diamond yet. Few Amy’s, but it’s light work regardless.

So it’s ok for you to scam the system because you want this player really really bad. But will rat out to 2k as soon as you get what YOU want to screw others out of it?

Idk if this works or not, but you justifying your own perceived cheating is laughable.


Rob the store then say you left the back door open…smh

You still get matched with 99s lol i just played a pd team with my 70ovr lineup

At the same time though, Ruby squads are like a 99 overall. It’s more about what cards you’re playing against than the overall of the other team.

It’s on my only chance cause I will be flying out in few hours. Do I feel guilty? Hell yeah. But manu is probably the best card I’ve used so I feel happy at the same time.

More people are upset about you using this for yourself and then reporting it to 2K rather than you simply using it.