Mass thread: “I’m auctioning _____ for _____” easier way to do it

Thanks for letting people know you’re going to auction cards.
Seems to be a trend lately.
So let us know.
If you’re about to BIN or auction a guy that you know someone wants post it here.

Not sure this is it chief.


Better than ppl just constantly posting single player threads


Those posts always annoy me. They always sell AT market value. Like thanks for letting me know I can buy the card I don’t want at market value.


Better to let these posts die off all together tbh
It’s only worth it if you’re selling a card at a deal, even if only a small deal

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Right. It’s easier just to post it in a single thread. I’m sure posting them individually is better deputy.

Nah man A for effort I see why you did it, I think we all are equally annoyed by the weirdos posting these threads lmao


Shit might end up getting some deals. Dudes in the snipe thread just randomly say “ oh btw the just bin’d Luka, did anyone get him?”
No twat we had no idea.

Those threads are annoying sometimes.

Later in the end game though when you’re looking for a particular rare card I think making a thread is the way to go though.

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I think most people who post in the snipe thread are saying they made a mistake and are hoping at least someone from the snipe thread capitalized, not necessarily to purposely post amazing deals

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Ya Rare cards and legitimate deals are appropriate to post but anything else is unnecessary

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True. I’m a glass is half empty kind of guy. So I didn’t think about it like that.

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You can ignore classifieds if it bothers you

It doesn’t bother me. I just figured it’d be easier to put them all in one thread.

that nobody will read

You’re reading.

yea but after this comment, itll go down faster than a hooker for a crack rock

thanks for this vision my brother


Cheapest PD Carmelo on PS4 for 89k


Does anyone have a limited Vince Carter that they’re not actively using these days? If so, announce or PM me please.