Martin Luther King day signature series packs on tuesday?

I remember that last year they released Martin Luther King day packs that included diamond AI and diamond Whiteside and someone else. Are they going to do these packs again for tuesday? Because Martin Luther King day is tomorrow

PD whiteside
P.S 2k please don’t actually drop this thanks

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Martin Luther King, he deserves it to be written fully out, not just MLK.

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Sorry ill edit it


That was signature series and it was on a Friday my guy

@Ninja7124 where those players for black history month then?

No it wasnt

@Ninja7124 so what was it for?

Just a content drop it wasn’t for Martin Luther King Day.

Edit:Actually I’m wrong it was here’s the link sorry about that

@Ninja7124 it wasnt just a random content drop it was forsure based on something