Market talk 3.0

Got me a mutombo for 100k.i even seen two pop up after I got mine . I been wanting this card but he been so high. Cards are cheap right now.

When would be a good time to sell the limited edition PD players?
Now or after season 2 starts?

Later because everything is super cheap right now. Heck , I got Kareem for 100k and mutombo for 100k which is insane. I even seen a mj go for 100k. Anything and everything is cheap right now

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So you think they’ll go up in price to start next season?

Yea the market should bounce back to normal because right now the market is done.

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Its buyer market right now. Hurry up and buy and hold up to sell. I couldn’t believe Kareem was 100k few mins ago when I bid and it said won card. I already got mutombo for 100k it just to bad I cant use one as a pf and the other as a center.

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Can you get the autograph cards in the AH? I can’t seem to find any. Saw the KAT one in the options locker code today, chose the HOF badge, went to pick up KAT autograph to go towards Bird but have no idea how

consumables then events

Cheers mate