Market talk 3.0

The annual topic returns :slight_smile:

What yall trying to buy or sell?


Bill Lambier, he has a 80 3 and is a good defender

His duo with IT is awesome

Got a ruby nash and amy elvin, sell or keep?

What is diamond Shaq going for atm?

Elvin goes for nothing but he grabbed literally 15 rebounds in my first domination game, so I think I’m gonna keep him. Dude was snagging like crazy.

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wait what, IT has bronze qfs and clamps, hopefully it gives both a big upgrade

They both get a lot of gold badges

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they both like 6k which sucks

Will go down on Monday after limited.

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have a 9.25 graded Jalen Green, could this be worth anything?

edit: its not

Im close to 200k, just wanna hit the 1mill fast then I can rest till the end of the game :sweat_smile:

Just buying for low, sell +30-40% the most popular sapphire+ cards.

When is a good time to sell signature lebron and wade?
And dunktober Kareem, Kobe and carter?

Sell by Wednesday imo. People will be starting to pick up cards for 250k tournament qualifiers this next weekend.

Superpacks will be coming just after next weekend so make sure you’ve sold before then.

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There was 1 gold quick first step buy now for 5000, the rest up were just bids. Bought it and immediately sold it for 45k :joy:

I have a kawhi with HOF rim protector. Anyone want to buy it? Perfect card for 250k quals

When do you think amy Jrue’s price will drop? I am expecting super prime packs for Tuesday so do you think Wednesday is the best time to buy it? I know it’s better to wait for new season but i want to use him in the last days of unlimited.

I picked up gilbert and ben Wallace the first day they came out. I wonder should sell them before super packs. But they already cheap and if ben drop any lower he will be super cheap for a pd. Gilbert still selling around the 90k mark but ben like 50k and sometimes lower.

Sniped a Derrick rose but I have a feeling I need to throw him back up after I do his xp.

Same issue with Ben Wallace. I may keep him just to finish off all-time Domination. I could get some use out of him since I’m going to lose no matter what I do.