Market talk 2.0

Rubies going up, amys going down. Silvers dirt cheap so far.


Once people get MT over the weekend market will rise

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Makes sense I guess. People are buying rubies for their teams, but can’t afford amys yet.

Agreed. This is the first day and not everyone has it still. Its going to only keep going up once everyone has it and starts playing limited

Should we be selling anything yet?


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Bought ruby Dame for 3.5k. Should make some MT from that.


If you happen to have MT to spare, buying now is probably a good move. There are rewards for completing Collections, right? If so, then buying any player cards is probably going to be profitable to some extent, and pretty quickly.

Don’t sell now. Hold for when there is more MT in the economy to push up prices.

Will be interesting to see if there is any notable “shortage” of a low tier of cards the way that there have been relative shortages of Bronzes and Silvers in the past.

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selling Rubies isn’t a bad idea.


I bought 80+ silvers on a DL.


The market is what the MT sites decide it will be.

We’re all just catching the wave lmao :rofl:

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What is the optimal strategy for pre order VC? Base league packs? Save? Something else?

If you’re NMS, then there is value in using the VC early to get early, low Collector Rewards before you sell off and turtle up in MT accumulation mode.

That said, not necessarily value in doing it right now, right off the bat.

I’m likely going to save MT and use the VC to spend on the packs early on

Not sure if anyone has noticed or mentioned this but on the evo screens it has a bit that says difficulty and game mode. I take from that there will be cards you can only evo online and others that you can only evo on HOF difficulty. Makes it interesting.

Large evo requirements on HOF difficulty could make big money on the auction house.


Do you think I should sell my cards I got from the promo packs straight away or should I wait a few days?


How to open auction house? Because i cant

I think you need 35 cards.

Wait, there is not enough MT out there. At least till sunday.

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