Market crash?

If someone could give the general price of some of the bigger names players in myteam for ps4 it would be greatly appreciated

I got Kareem for 330 and magic for 350 both with contracts

I saw PG LeBron go for under 200K

Why is there a crash? Sold all 5 of the Prime cards for KG & got 1.5 million after tax like 12 hrs ago. Haven’t been on since.

New promo with opal Tacko and opal Bol Bol. Coming tomorrow

For the content coming tomorrow

NEED MT FOR PS4 if anyone is selling let me know

I have PG Giannis, bought him at the beginning of the week for 430k… Don’t even know his price ad of now, but he’s probably under 400k…

Do you guys think he will rise again so I can sell him or nah?

Only expensive cards I have are him and EVO Simmons, who I don’t I want to sell yet

PD T-Mac with diamond contract and weathermans just went for 124k… Crazy

Sell on Sunday

You guys think now is the best time to buy ? Or right after new packs drops ? Trying to get a pink diamond Anthony Davis

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Seems like the night before is usually the cheapest.


Who’s selling mt anyone know?

Is it smart to buy now Glitched Giannis , Magic or Ben now or tomorrow?

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As long as Lance hits BIN tomor ill b happy.

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Dont toy with my emotions

Someone sell me mt please :pleading_face:

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Lol, the artwork is already in the actual game. Go see for yourself