Market crash?

Looks like a small market crash, silvers and amys are down in price for non reason.

Which cards In specific have you noticed drop

How much silvers going for? Seems like they have been steady for 2600-3500 bin on most

Silvers that were going for 3500 to 4k over the weekend have been going for 2300 to 3k today
was Giannis for 35k, AD for 28, Bron for 35 earlier today all were selling for 50k last weekend

Heatchecks and moments are just around the corner so they may drop a bit

It’s odd. I see it too. Earl Monroe going for under 73, Mikan for under 88, Bing as low as 68. Not sure what’s driving it. Oh, and Amy George, Kawhi and Harden all around 25.

I’ve been snatching up stacks of contracts for cheap: 2-4K for silver, 3-5K for gold.


Saw Heat Check James Harden for 33k yesterday, I was stupid enough to not buy, couldnt sleep, now I’m like grumpy cat at work

Everything on Xbox low right now. Just because of the packs today?

Everyone’s after lebron

Just got HC Lebron for 28k, last year there were several HC cards that had bettter rating than their early diamond version. At 28k should be a big W.

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I assume things will go back up after the hype.

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Tmac is bin right, at what price do we pick him up?

Supply & demand. Prices drop when ppl rip packs and flood the market. Ppl will rip all wknd. Grab one Sunday late afternoon imo. No way I’m paying more than 70k for that Tmac. I’ll wait it out until its either miss on Magic or buy that card. Dont need Matrix anyways.


Picked up X-Man for 50k, solid.

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Stockton going for just over 100K on Xbox right now. He going to stay there or just a dip?


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That card will hold its value until a week after Ray drops. Buy low. Sell high.

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So bidding 130-140 for a Stockton with a shoe is a good idea?


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