Market crash?

I just copped kaj for 366k. I think his price will rise but for the other cards the prices dont seem to change a lot. How do you guys see the evolution of the market in the near future?

Really, I just want to know when we’ll get a damn PF in packs lol


Yao once his outta packs.

I need Shawn Kemp dammit

On topic though, things seem pretty steady in the GO market.

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Will PD Porzingis go BIN within the next week or stay at BID once he’s outta packs?

What’s Yao price like, today?

I think he will be bin

200k or a bit more I think


Harden price check ps4?

Around 180k. Bought one for 170k a few minutes ago.

Ah, not bad. I guess the question is if something else comes out this week to push further down. Maybe should just buy tonight.

What you can do is put a 190 or 200k bid on a yao ending in 8 to 12h because prices are a bit lower when americans are sleeping

Yeah. I often buy stuff when it’s middle of the night, East Coast USA time.

can i get a price check on hedo ps4?

Yo some of these opals be real low right now

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I just paid 20k about two hours ago. Lots for sale at the 25k mark.

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Prices will go down and down and down, until everything bottoms out below 100k

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Yo! Right? Where’s our GO Timmy D?

Anything that doesn’t go into a set is on a steady slide towards BIN.

That’s a perk of living in Europe, we have all the morning to win stuff on bid for very low prices compared to US daytime BINs

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