Market Crash

which cards had the biggest drop in price, im looking at some of them right now and it doesn’t look like many have been affected

Big Crash was about 2 hours ago

Specify what system because it’s literally 2 different markets

Glad I sold my AS Kuz for 200k yesterday.

But might want to jsut go ahead and pick him up again during the crash…lol

I don’t think many young people want to play with Larry Bird.


I hope not so I can scoop one for the low

Thats fine. Only better small forward is Worthy anyways. Lebron is clunky af bird will eat him.

Never used the old Bird…how are his dribble animations and shot speed?

im on ps4

Well your team is obviously worse without AS Kuz. He makes every team better.

im debating on whether or not i should drop money on these packs

Idk bout dribble moves but his shot is fast and smooth

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Sure if u want 18 sapphire and 2 rubies

Trust me I know

It was chess move.

Get the MT now, get him back when he’s a lot cheaper


Did melo go down? I hop not. Keep 600k alive lol

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Servers are nowhere near as slow as when LBJ got released, not as many people pulling packs

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Think lebron will go up in value now?

I’m guessing most cards will go up this week. Bird and Clyde are cool for 90s kids but that’s about it.


looks like im saving my mt for when kd drops

would you guys recommend selling Bird and Drexler now for max value?