Market crash lineup change - suggestions?

After players dipped in price due to the market crash I managed to cop some players and my team was looking like this before and I’ve managed to change it to this

I need some suggestions for a bench unit and if you think I should change any of my starters, I will probably sell J.R when I get diamond melo but I have 200k for improvements atm, only players from the bench unit I like are Mo Pete and Jimmy

You could run Eddie Jones as your Bench 1. Russ has no outside shot and isn’t that great on D. Eddie is a good balance of both and he can still drive like a beast.

To stretch the floor you could slide Porzingis to the 5 and pickup Amy Draymond at the 4. Gives you some nice outside shooting ability.

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I’d pick up any Karl Anthony towns for your bench center and ruby Eddie Jones to me would be better than Amy Russell Westbrook

Tried Eddie at the point after your suggestion and wasn’t a fan unfortunately but I’ll pick up Draymond and give him a go, do you think I should keep Embiid? O’Neil is around 85k atm is that worth an upgrade?

How is KAT’s card on d? I’m current running through all time dom so don’t want him to get eaten up by other centres but I would like his scoring ability

found an amy butler with the diamond orange cp3 shoes for like 39k. that card with that shoe is great man. surprised how cheap he was.

went through amy draymond, diamond peja and diamond reshard but all 3 cards were missing wide open 3s i couldn’t deal with them anymore. went back with my original bench, minus sapphire raef lafrentz, that got manu.

its good. good enough to stop most teams backup centers

That’s kind of up to your playstyle. Embiid is good at stretching the floor, while O’Neal is more for fast breaks and interior play. He is also a bit undersized so he can struggle on D against good interior scorers.

Nice dude! Looks much better. You think JR is worth 100k? I really like Money Mitch but am trying to upgrade my bench eventually. Was leaning towards Clyde bc he’s always a blast to use and I’m surprisingly better with his jumper.

I would’ve kept Mutombo over Embiid but it’s nice to stretch the floor too. I used to have Googs paired with Mutombo and they work great together. Maybe try DeAndre or Chandler over Eaton? You’ll get similar defense but they also dunk.

Edit: if you wanted to keep Mutombo’s defense while adding soacing maybe Ewing would be worth it over Embiid. Haven’t tried many Centers besides Mutombo, Kareem, and Dwight though (Eaton and Lanier are the others, but Eaton has been collecting dust since I already had Mutombo/Lanier when I got him).

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Picked up o’neil And so far he seems a lot better on both ends than embiid, was only 30k for the upgrade too

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Thanks for the suggestions man, sold Embiid and picked up o’neil As a replacement and so far he has improved my team, better offence and defence so it’s a win win for 30k extra, I liked Mutombo but like you I wanted to stretch the floor a little so had to sell him, just for someone who at least has a reliable mid range and he’s been great so far, tried Ewing also but not sure who I still prefer out of him and o’neil as I haven’t used him enlough yet. Also 4 tokens from my melo! 100k or abit less is not worth it for Amy jr imo, he’s good but not worth the price you pick him up for, he’s been abit inconsistent from 3 where as some games he’s lit it up but I guess you can find that in other players for cheaper probably, I haven’t tried yet but redd?

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I really liked O’Neil when I had him. He was a solid contributor, just outmatched against guys like KAJ

That’s why I normally ran him at the 4, he fit well there I thought

Big fan of Vlade Divac and ruby Tyson Chandler. Also if you liked Kyrie, I would get Rod Strickland as your bench pg, provides an insane spark and occasionally catches extreme fire. Amy Wade might be a nice backup pg for you too

Yeah fortunately I haven’t yet come up against pd kaj but that’s the only person I see him struggling against

I tried diamon kyrie and whilst he was a good shooter and finisher with playing mtu and all time dom a lot he was getting abused on defence so I think I might actually try that new d Wade at pg, you think it would be a good fit?

Yeah! Especially with all of the shooters around him. I thought Rod was a really good defender, so if Wade doesn’t work out, can’t hurt to try