Market crash 2.0

Anyone see new throwbacks coming out today? They did give second batch of thowbacks last time on Tuesday, thoughts ?

lol you back at it again

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Hello, We are from 2K IRS lol.


Yo yo @Knezius talking market crash!

Jokic 70k bin by this evening :grin:

Vince either today or tomorrow


Yah man, Diamond Vincanity would be nuts!

Good thing i got 800k lol. Cuz he will probably be at least 200k for the first week lol

1st ones will go above 300k ez, if not 400k, people have TONS of MT stacked at this point already.

Im thinking Diamond Vince is coming for sure. They haven’t released a diamond for the raptors yet, and the two best players in Raps history are Vince and Bosh.

Bosh isn’t in the game so the Diamond has to be Vince. Get ready for a huuuuuge crash.

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Yes, and vince wasn’t part of the 10 historic raptors.

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I just got jokic for 90k with diamond contract and pg shoe. This is going to be fun lol. Have 180k to play with. But this weeks content is going to be insane. In 4 days max we will have new anniversay packs, throwback elites, more moments cards and then new unlimited prize couple days after

Yah man, its gonna be crazy, if anyone you got stuff to sell thats bin, sell NOW.


i always love your unpredictable market crash prediction😆

That Vince might come in hour and a half, ortherwise maybe tomorrow :slight_smile:

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i guess Diamond Vince will be released in Premium Packs later.
Like all that popular cards like him, T-Mac, Kobe etc.



Yeah they will probably put vince in a promo to make more money

Amy Vince is also nice

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Any wild guess who could be diamond Raptors player other then Vince ? Imagine Diamond Mo Pete lol.

What about Amy derozan?