Marion advice?

Love Marion and parody so looking to add him? Who do I replace and how, and how well does he play?

I’m not a fan of his release, so I don’t know how he plays, but you could move Kawhi to the 2 and add Marion at the 3. Pistol or Jimmer would have to go.

Yeah would prob part with jimmer.

But really looking for someone who’s used him,.

I start him at the 4 but have him guard the opposing PG, gets a lot of on ball steals for me. His release is kinda janky but after a couple games it’s easy to get down and he’s awesome at driving. Dunks everything, even pulls off wacky head above the rim standing dunks

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marion bench SF -> kawhi bench SG -> jimmer out of rotation

good in transition, plays good D & hits open 3s

his release has always been fine for me but some ppl hate it so its a preference thing

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Honestly Marion at the 3 could work since I get enough scoring from Wilt, kawhi and kp

His free throw animation is deceiving. Looks like it’s going to be slow but it’s really quick

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Not worried about release the, kinda just everything else like is he sick? I always get his release down…

I really like him so far. Locks up like a god and will throw down pretty much every time. I haven’t tried a 3point shoe on him yet, but nearly every other shoe/coach will end up with glass cleaner as one of his takeovers as a heads up

With dantoni I would need some kind of swb shoe if I played him at the 3.

Put CP3s on him to unlock his full potential as a fast break and 3&D monster

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He’s great.
I used his Diamond in Myteam 17, and this card is even better.
Don’t have a HoF DS, but you can’t feel that.
Locked down D and a steal on Pipp level.
Gteat in transition and insane driving dunk animation.

He’s shot animation is like it is, but if you run plays for him, it shouldn’t be a problem as the release is quick an so easy to time.

Cutter plays with him are so effective.
Very good card, imo.

Finally got to use him a bit and he’s way better than I expected. If he grabs a defensive rebound, go coast to coast with his HOF OMFB and dunk on fools with HOF Posterizer. He’s got a great crossover and a great behind the back in transition to blow by defenders. His shot is goofy looking but surprisingly easy to time, and he’s really good on D and on the glass. CP3s are the shoe for him, IMO. Really fun card for under 50K


Yeah, i waiting for his card and was a bit dissapointed that he doesn’t have HoF DS, but his still a dog.
He’s player model made him a great defender itself.

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