March madness pd player

Who do you want to see in the pd bracket, I want Rudy gay


Is this going to be a thing again? If so Rudy Gay, Or Lonzo same as last year.

They’ve done it the last 2 years

Gayclub hands up!

I wonder if it would be a GO card this year. Not that the Lonzo from last year was really a true 99 overall.

Pause :eyes:

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I heard that they will give out Galaxy opal Giannis to 200 people via Locker code at the end of the month.


Pd Brian scalabrine


I would vote for that

This is not true… just messing with @element because he’s grinding for opal Giannis

I better get my PD Jimmy Butler one way or another

pause on that

Honestly would love a PD Ayton. His ruby is already solid stats wise, and they would give him top notch athleticism along with a solid three ball.
No other center really has both of those things right now.

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You think someone gonna believe that anyway :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

Ayton, Triple J, or Michael Porter

Ya never know. People fall for those Mt scams all the time. The ones where A guy says give me your account info I’ll get you Galaxy Opal Wilt. Then sells all your stuff and locks you out.

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This may partly come true if he wins mvp :nerd_face:

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For that, you will have to be my first opponent when I get him

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If they put a Ben Simmons in this tourney sadly he will win

I look forward to it. By that time I’ll likely have an all Galaxy opal starting lineup