Maple Jordan Island

Maple Jordan Island

I believe.

Come join me.


I’ve heard this Maple Jordan name more in the last two days than I have throughout his entire career


Steve Kerr’s greatest challenge

I believe in him like I believe in '06 Tim Thomas :raised_hands: Legends never die


Maybe Kerr should see if MJ is available to come punch Wiggins in the face and get his career in order. :joy::joy:

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This site hates Wiggins


We hate T Wolf Wig

Warrior Wig could be diff

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It’s like with consecration of bread and wine.

He is literally a different player.

Or maybe it’s like baptism and he’s born anew.


Warrior Wig lmao

This one is tough for me. I dogged Wiggins multiple times on the NBA podcast I used to do. There’s literally recorded audio of me calling him a worthless piece of trash on the interwebs.

Team Wiggins you heaaaaard

I see @OGxSuave replying…and thought to myself…“I ain’t replying to this!?”. :sob::sob:


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The resurgence of Brandon Knight as a Detroit Piston. I’m all in.

Come join that.

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He’s more than a capable defender when he tries.
Idk why, but I think that Warriors will make him live up to the expectations.

I truly hope he flourishes in the bay. Hell, as a Canadian, we were all excited for him given his potential. He got his money and now he has to show some heart. Best of luck with Wiggs, he’s an athletic freak.

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I’ll join you. :pray::pray:

Hope you Warriors fans like post fades from the elbow that dont go in.

Wiggins 2014 or 2016 all day I feel Timberwolves should stack Rubio-Lavine-Wiggins-Markkanen-Towns damn it

He’s with Klay Steph and Draymond, they were the “best team ever” with Barnes in that position.

Y’all will be more than fine.

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