Manute bol!

Err body gonna have him.

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Night King


I’m nitpicking but he should be in a Sixers uniform with that 3pt rating. He shot 31% from 3 in 92-93 with the Sixers


Also pd antwan jamison pd baron d dell and ruby seth curry.

Giant + Anti EQ = GG

I wish everyone use him with that sweet 50lq and 60 strength just to shoot some pnp 3s.

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Good luck defending bill russel with bol… ISO every play run past him for a dunk

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He was just up on the ps4 auction house for 60k. I didnt buy but someone did.

Beautiful card.

How many threads crying over Amy Bol dominating Opals?

GO Giannis - Amethyst Bol - PD Dirk - Amethyst Porzingis - Diamond Sabonis

New lineup

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Facts. I’m isoing anybody on him at perimeter

I been doing

Russel / Pozingas / Big Z / Drob / Oden

Been pretty cheesy lol but especially when i run those 3pt plays for porzingas

LOL I just ran TTO with him, Sabo and DRob.

Just cheese over everyone at the perimeter.