Manu or Kobe?

I got Klay as my SG and can’t really choose which one should be my back up. Who do y’all prefer?

Kobe no doubt man i still start klay and run kobe as my bench PG but man that man is no joke

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I run Kobe at point with a Ball Control/ SWB shoe, but I am an offline player so I do not know if this will work online.

I never used Manu but I hate his release. Not even so much his release that I hate, as much as I hate his very slow elevation that does not get much air under him.

Kobe, on the other hand, is an absolute joy to shoot with. His release is the release that I use, when I am dreaming (like when I am asleep, literally) and have Takeover going as I wreck anyone trying to guard me.

At point its Manu all day. Other than Kobes post fadeaway I rather Manu plus he has better plays for a guard.

It’s sad that ppl bash Manu. I put a shoe on him that made him into a galaxy opal. The shoe I put did change his take over ability to shot creator/playmaker. Let’s not talk about how I crossed Jordan over and made him fall to the floor or his 98 3 pointer with the coach boost that carried me through domination

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Remos kobe avi said. This post ridiculous joke should be delete manu releade trash and card whole averagetenor%20(2)


Yea Manu is the truth. He can do way more than Kobe on the court. And im obviously a Kobe fan


I’m the biggest Kobe fan there is but Manu…even galaxy opal magic couldn’t stop him

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Thanks OP for the thread, was wondering the same thing. I came to the following conclusion:

  1. manu can do everything Kobe can minus a few things
  2. Kobe is way overpriced
    –> if you’re not a Kobe fanboY or MT rich just save the MT or wait for a snipe
    If you’re skilled manu can Carey your Team very well for the time bring
    I may still get me some Kobe, but i sure aint overpaying for him

Let me translate: I am trash with the Sticks and cant even create enough space to score or set up team mates with a player with HoF Difficult shots! Hof tear dropper! And Supreme Passing stats.
Kobe on the other Hand has a fast release and can pop up behind screens or just blow by bums and jam on people that even the most uncreative mind can score with him.



Whs use card nees be movin shot kobe better has boys thing that are better. Manu tras bum dunk stat too

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I got both. I start kobe. Manu seems a little more consistent in general but when kobe is hot hes on another level. Kobes release is better too imo. If i had to choose one i would take kobe cause of defense too. Its really close though.

I know bro, i already translated everything for you, even the between the lines stuff.

you play him at the 1 or 2?

At the 1

Appreciate the responses guys. Man it’s so hard to choose. I’m definitely liking Kobe’s release. But Manu and his step back is so nice too just gotta get his release down

Manu … free and Better fit as a SG

How do people got 300k cards sitting on their bench