Man just bought GO MJ and can barely feel the difference from the PD

What a let down. Other than his handles I dont really feel a difference with my play style.

I don’t like taking 3s with him and I dont want to pass with him so the dimer badge is useless for me.

He feels slightly more athletic but I think I’ll wait for Opal Bron.

I think I played too many games with the Pink Diamond and he had Carolina Blue Js giving him 99 acc, 93 off dribble 3, 70 block combined with Pop/Stevens hes a god.

Anyone else just rolling with the PD?

I am. But mostly cuz i got no mt lol

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Why won’t you use the dimer , use him as a decoy to set other players for open looks…

If you don’t want to pass with him , just play him with bronzes .



Maybe you ought to to learn how to post up with him. He is close to worthy in the post

I just cant. He can score on anyone. Im not using my 600k player as a decoy. This is bugging me how good the PD is.


I have no issues scoring.

I would use him as the finisher on my team . He is going to get so much attention from the defense that chucking shots with him will be inefficient.

Talking about strong comp here not your average cheeser

I’m literally pissed haha and I use a balanced attack. That’s the thing the PD did that just fine.

I think I played way too many games with the PD. Shouldn’t have done that when I knew I’d try to grab the Opal.

bra i had the 97 and the 98 pd got the go 5 days ago and he is night and day different just give him a chance play more with him

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The Opal is the best compliment to my superstar James Worthy. He makes him so much better with that HOF Dimer and you can’t double worthy

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i second this

Opal Jordan had been a God for me in tt, offline and online. Just breezing thru games with him.


lmao you don’t want to pass??

nah, just you by choice :rofl:

this is a great topic

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I think I’m fine sitting with the PD for a while

No I dont want to pass with Galaxy Opal MJ. Hes a walking bucket. I dont know what your post is trying to say lol

I have Opal MJ starting at the 1 and Giannis at the 5 and both are averaging nearly 20. I play a balanced game and he just scores with such ease I will stumble into 20 points by the time my subs come in

what i’m trying to say is opal MJ is a god among men

So is the Pink Diamond. I’m doing the same damage lol

Idk why anyone would want opal over pink diamond if equalizer is real (its not)