Makur Maker commits to a HBCU

Kinda steals the light from Mikey also I wish they’d stop acting like Howard is the only HBCU

All in all this is huge he’s gonna tear it up at Howard this is a good move


NC Central is better at bball than Howard. But Howard is probably the better university experience.


I can’t wait till someone choose the GOAT HBCU NCAT


For sure

Mikey I beg you please come to Aggie land Please

I thought he would go the G league route. Hopefully HBCUs can snatch up all the talent.


Tom Izzo saw all this and got Emoni to commit ASAP.


Fax :joy:

Emoni won’t step foot on MSU if league does the HS to NBA

Also he’s never shown interest in a HBCU


All I know is …

Emoni also had MSU in his backyard his whole life. I’m sure that helped.

True, but I’m sure a HBCU was never on Mikey’s…yes I know his mom went to Hampton.

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Yes Mikey has been talking about it all along for about a year now he was the first player I heard mention it

Now mf’s wanna speak on Emoni lmao

I’ve been on the Emoni train my guy.

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They’ve gotta stop forcing one year of college. The only reason that ever became a thing was because teams took chances on guys like Robert Swift and Ndudi Ebi that didn’t work out. It’s not fair to the kids to make them risk an injury making money for the NCAA

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What’s even better is that Howard, or NCCU is going to ended being in the ACC soon.

Get ready for OOP packs when he gets drafted with him and Thon as Opals

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Mikey to NCCU right down the street I’m there


All I see is a future Thunder in this tweet

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