Making up points in pd is the most stressful shit ever

It’s funny how I can cruise through diamond no problem. When I get to pd though nothing but fuckery bullshit starts happening. The low pts earned after beating the sweatiest motherfuckers kills me. This guy I just played took 35 threes and shot around 70 percent. I don’t care what anyone says it’s like there’s a different difficulty in pd, while not all the time you will get hit with bullshit every other couple games. They gotta bring rttp style online mode back next year because this random points given and taken is straight trash.

Tell me about it. I don’t think the points are random. They want to ‘manage’ your experience. First they’ll throw you a bone with a few relatively easy games and then they take it away with one bullshit loss… There are games in which literally everything you do turns out wrong. That feeling of being powerless while your opponent keeps pounding you is the worst.


It feels like that I had 3 straight sweaty games. I’m at 13500 and think I’m done for the night. The grind continues tomorrow

Good luck yo. You too @marekdab. Hope yall get it. Im too far. Way to many disconnects. 4 today… lol

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Thanks bruh

To hit season PD you have to be either:

A) Extremely good or perfect the art of cheesing. (80% or better W/L)
B) Be an OK player and have the free time to grind hundreds of games each season. (50-69% W/L)
C) Be smart and do just enough to hit 3,500 each round. (~70-80% W/L and can’t fall behind)

If you’re decent but don’t have the time to grind, you’re in a tough spot if you fall behind. I’m definitely in group C, but I can’t commit to much more than 50 games in a round. I’m not a college student where I have full days to literally do nothing but play MyTeam. I fell behind in the first 2 rounds because I just didn’t have time to grind. This is something I hate about SuperMax, there’s no way around needing to play a lot of games consistently all year long if you want a shot at all the season PD rewards. Going on a vacation? Screwed. Busy at work can’t get on 2k for a week? Screwed. In MyTeam Online there was no calendar-based requirements. It did get sweaty when you had to win 11/12 games in the PD tier to finish, and there was a lot of repeating of that tier, but I could do it on my own time, and if I had to repeat, it wasn’t a huge deal. Granted there are more reward players available through SuperMax rounds & seasons but let’s face it, they gave us CRAP all year for these rewards. PD Porzingis is the first legitimately good one and there’s been no clear indication that there will even be a new season to even use him in.

I seriously hope they get rid of it, but if they feel that SuperMax gets people playing more than previous game modes (and therefore ripping packs) they will bring it back. Ultimately it’s all about the revenue stream.

I wanted to grind for Kp as well because I missed round 2, but from what I’ve seen 2k seems to discourge players from continuing after they reach the PD level.