Making the game salty again - umgad1906

So you’re down by 15 in the 2nd quarter and decide to take all your full timeouts and then just wait until the game throw you out. Just quit man, stop wasting your’s and my time.

Funny how a lot of dudes trying to play as if it was 2k18 where they could get away with everything. Not this year tho!

At least they have no way of making us take L’s

Sure it’s pretty annoying but we get the W at the end

Dumb people staying dumb. They waste our time, but at same time they waste threir own, the difference is that in the mean time i will make some food, watch the video or hit a toilet break. Meanwhile they will sit infront off TV imaging how much “payback” they will get it on me.

Exactly. When they do that I just take my phone and go on YouTube