Make Sure You Put Rim Protector on All Players

Especially small guards…

If you put rim protector on your guards and play on ball defense you can force light contest misses on a regular basis against swervers.

I finally put on Iggy and AI and when I play on ball D they get contests regularly which causes Klay Thompson swervers to miss their shots. RIM PROTECTOR lowers shooting badges NOT D stopper.

This is about a week to ten days of testing.

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nah rim protector does nothing to shooting badges


@cheddarbob is correct with shooting badges. However, wouldn’t it be good to put rim protector on guards or wings so if the opponent drives their badges and attributes for driving lower?

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I guess I coincidentally have been locking down the three since I equipped Rim Protector. Thanks for the link.

a guy i played today got a lot of mismatches on kyrie with Ad in the post. Would rim protector help him out at all

Nah man you’re screwed.

His badges would drop but theres no way Kyrie is guarding AD down low.

man i guess imma have to run ben wallace at the point then sheesh


Definitely a viable solution. :joy::joy:

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This game is ridiculous in the way that playing anyone under 6’6-7 puts you at a serious disadvantage

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His badges won’t even drop since dstopper only works one up one down positions and 3 up 3 down inches

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Rim Protector will drop Layup and Dunk ratings and the relevant finishing badges.

More about defending slashing finishes as opposed to post up finishes, though RP will def help against standing dunks off, for example, drop steps.

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