Make MyTeam Great Again

Real easy, couple simple fixes:

  1. Turn off opposing FT screen shake. What the hell is this? Does anyone actually like this Bush League nonsense? Seriously, can I save my vision please?

  2. Add some Token Reward cards to buy between the 5 PDs (Hill, Pierce, Duncan, Stockton, Mutombo) and GO Wilt. I have almost 400 tokens and no interest in Wilt. And no, not the nonsense Vegas style Moments thievery. Just charge us tokens for the Moments/ Throwback Elites:

Klay: 75 Tokens
Granger: 60 Tokens
Iggy: 35 Tokens

etc. or whatever the cost should be

What do you guys think?

PD Magic

lol when?

To your actual thread #1 really is unnecessary, if anything it should just happen automatically to simulate crowd noise (not controlled by player)

#2 They won’t make super popular players attainable with tokens. They don’t make as much money. We’re lucky that we even get the ones we do.