Make me a starting 5 and a 5 man bench w these players

98 Bron
97 Magic
Amy Pippen
98 Kawhi
97 RWB
98 Wade
PD Porzingis
Amy Klay

97 RWB
98 Wade
98 LeBron
97 AK47
98 KAJ

97 Magic
98 Tmac
98 Kawhi
97 AD
PD Porzingis

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I’ll try this out, thank you!

Starters: Magic, Tmac, Pippen, AD, Kareem.
Bench: RWB, Wade, LBJ, Kirilenko, Porzingis

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This is good although I’d sell wade and get Klay

You like ak47 for me he was no good

He only plays about 5-10 a game but I’m not going to him to score. He’s been playing pretty good defense since I got him and grabs the rebounds I need. His badging is amazing and his swb is pretty crazy too.

The one thing that stands out to me is the only guy with 3pt plays in your entire squad is AM Klay. So I would fit him in on the bench squad, or trade up to DI Klay and start him. (Or start AM Klay, no big deal.)

Also consider getting a Larry or KD to give you another wing/stretch 4 option to put in to have at least one guy with 3pt plays on any lineup on the court. Or Eddie Jones for same option at 2 or 3.

If I would go after 96 KD, who should I sell? I’m broke rn lol

Fair I guess I got in trouble with him when attacking the rim, d is good I’m sure

I don’t know the values of your cards right now but it’s obvious that your two most valuable pieces are T-Mac and Kareem. Hard to let those go, of course.

Don’t know what 96 KD goes for, though I need to sell mine. I imagine he’s not much more than BIN?

You probably need to sell either T-Mac or Kareem to make any big changes, easily. Out of the two, I’d probably sell Kareem. You can maybe get 250K+ for him. Then could get 96 KD, and also maybe Wilt and a cheaper 5 with 3pt range like a DMC or Gasol or whatever.

I’ve been thinking of selling Kareem. I’ve got him badged out w corner specialist, dimer, DRD. Missing Limitless but not sure that’s necessary for him. I’ve also got the diamond Jordan Open 3 shoe on him which easily boosts his value by I’d say at least 50-75k?

Tbh, the starting 5 feels like Timberwolves irl, Center is the best 3p threat. Dont get me wrong, those cards have solid 3p stats, but I would be ok with Russ, Wade and Lebron taking threes instead of a drive.

Against a five like that, I would play “moderate” on all of them, possibly even “gap” on Wade and clog the lane.

All those guys in my starting 5 have 90+ open 3 lol, not sure how Kareem with an 87 open 3 is the biggest threat, but okay :upside_down_face:

I read KAT, haha, my fault. Still I would be totally ok with them taking all the shots, noone feels dangerous from 3p line to me.

I sold basically exact same upgraded Kareem yesterday, if you’re talking the Jordan Open 3, Open Mid, Acceleration, Pass Acc, Hands shoe. Same badging, too, though I forget if I had DRD or Limitless on him.

I put it up for auction for 24 hours on Tuesday at about 8:10pm EST, and it closed yesterday night at 350K.

Someone wanna make one out of these? Haha

99 Baron
99 KP
99 Giannis
99 Dirk
98 Kobe
98 KD
98 Hakeem
97 Westbrook w/ three point shoe
97 Butler & Embiid

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