Make a starting lineup with these 6 cards

98 Simmons
98 Kobe
98 Kawhi
98 Lebron
99 Davis
99 Tmac

What kind of lineup? An actual lineup or a SM cheese lineup?

SM cheese: 98 Lebron / 99 Tmac / 98 Kawhi / 98 Simmons / 99 Davis.


Would Simmons at center be viable?

You have no big man. Unfortunately the rest of your team won’t matter if you’re getting outrebounded 21-6.

Sure. But I’d recommend getting an actual big man. AD would be much better at the 5 then Simmons.


Hakeem / Wilt / Kareem

Don’t have enough mt for those cards unfortunately. I only have around 20k now. Would it be worth it to sell Kobe for Wilt?

Sorry man I can’t make it, I need at least one PG and one C

Davis can’t play as a center?

This doesn’t matter. I have KAT and AD and still get routinely outrebounded.

Is it possible to sell Kobe and get Wilt or would I need more mt?

Would you like to play Simmons or LeBron at center and let me know if they rebound better for you? Even if your centers are getting outrebounded, it would be much worse with a smaller guy with lesser rebounding stats.

I’m just saying, based on this gameplay I’ve had if he plays Lebron at center he’ll prolly outrebound his opponent. All I’m saying is rebounding on this game is dumb as shit.

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He could play Bogues at center and if it’s determine he’s getting boards, he’s getting boards.

That Kobe is wet though, routinely makes threes from 10 feet behind the line.

Only reason I considered it is because Simmons is 6 10 with a 97 block and 90+ rebounding stats with gold hustle rebounder.