Major Video Game Companies Commit to Disclosing Loot Box Probability

I think this is a step in the right direction. It might not stop a lot of people from buying packs or loot boxes but it’s transparency for the consumer. That is something that has been missing from the gaming community for a long time. Below is one article that describes what and how they are planning to roll it out.

NHL tells you packs odds but they are damn liers lmao. If anything it makes it worse because they make it look good so people think they have a good chance at pulling a good card but don’t lol.

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This won’t help anything.

Everything needs to be done like Fortnite, where you pay for what you get. No mystery.

Anytime microtransactions are randomized, there’s always going to be some major league fuckery going on.


That’s what I thought too

You guys really think this will change anything ? They can say you got 1% chances of getting a PD/Opal and you won’t get shit because it’s all random. Probability of pulling a good card won’t increase with how much packs you pull.

Yeah like last year when they said it’s totally normal that one guy pulled 8 straight limited Hardens… Nothing to see Here, move on good sir…

Yah and lets not forget the constant ticker at the bottom , drilling into everyone’s mind that this person and that person pulled this player and that player in this pack. The main reason I do what I do for a living is because of company’s like this. I know a lot of you sell too but I have been reselling for years and I started because I want people to get stuff instead of getting scammed by the company’s.

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This isnt gonna do shit. Its 2k. They will just lie. Or manipulate the juice for each set. 2ks abt their bread. Period

this is an attempt to be allowed to continue running their gambling business - to avoid belgium and netherlands laws - they are criminal enterprises they not only create adult addicts they create kid addicts - by saying they will publish odds THEY ARE ADMITTING THIS IS GAMBLING something they have always denied - all lootboxes and all currency in games virtual or translated form real money should be MADE ILLEGAL by governments - of course they can lie about the odds!!!