Maintenance + patch/update (76MB XBOX) 2020/05/20

Wanted to start 2k20, got an “you have to update”
only 76MB
but its not an ingame “update requird” thing


Could be a fix for the lineup glitch?

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2K announced maintenance for the next hour on Twitter

Maybe EU people can breath soon a little :rofl:


Maybe. But as of now, they are taking away our playing hours :rofl:

Sucks for those with cards ending right now.


it looks like we are getting the MJ tongue patch today boys !!


Servers off now :slight_smile:

Assuming this mini-patch is the lineup glitch?

Can’t think what else it could be

This little update is taking a while… or is it just me

Guessing u got bids in lol I only got two in and outbidded on 3

Took a quick look before updating and almost all cards had bids up to market value.

Sellers should be ok

For the most part people wont lose much, depending how long this is going to last.

Me without bids would be strange :innocent:


This copying takes forever :expressionless:

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It sure is wow

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Mine just finished, but seems like it’s gonna be down for a while

Downloaded the update in like 5 seconds but it took over 30 minutes for it to install. Wtf, how poorly is this game written?