Main MyTeam issue -Scripting

I’m just curious if you notice that more recent times, but scripting scenarios are so obvious lately.
Maybe it’s related with all this all PD’ S teams or I’m some 2k’s Guinea Pig at the moment but it’s just crazy lately.

Examples from yesterday:
I played 4 games- just one felt “normal”
Other three what obviously scripted to the point that you have 100% feeling that someone different plays for you.

Game 1:
My players feels like they have concrete shoes on them.I can’t react on opponent players movement, my players freezing , stick control feels so late as well as a shoot meter.
Adjustments does’t changing a gameplay.
My opponent players are always on clear positions behind a 3p line- and he can’t miss.
Amy DrJ and Amy Kobe are nuts.

Game 2
My opponent starts 15-0! - in my opinion it’s almost impossible at some level-if you know the game mechanics,adjust,take time outs and forcing points in the paint,it just can’t happens.
But he dunked everything his players where lightning quick and shots most contested threes in 1st quarter.
I made a comeback but lost in "dramatic"crunch time.

Game 3
Now I’m a 2k god- ending 1st quarter 33-4 (never happened to me vs even averaged player)
Then it’s even better -on offense my players looking for best open spots without me arangenig a plays. Drains everything,contested or limitless( I’m not even a 3point guy).
On defense all I need to do is switch to on ball guy and all my guys - even bronze players from end of the bench- played with Rodman/Artest fierce and determination-without me doing exactly nothing more.
I finishing second half on FG%- 28/31 , 3p FG % 9/11.


This is my main problem with MyTeam-not a flashpausing, “random” pack odds or overall slopiness by 2k during all year- the feeling that is not ME playing a game,but I’m controlled by the GAME.

Any similar experience?


i feel you bro thats the main reason why i quit this mode

In my opinion, there are too many ways to play this game. Clearly there are sliders per each game, and momentums. I think is a lot more noticeable if you always plays the same way.

I don’t know it at all, but… maybe the coach and playbook do something with that? In PES online modes, the coach is very determinant.

I never really noticed this equaliser till we get to Amy and above players lol

I’m a strong believer that coaching matters in SuperMax-you can easily confirm that by playing 10 games under d’Antoni and 10games under Pop, then compering a rebounding against your team.

Just my two first coaches, D’Antoni and Pops.
With Pops everything it’s bad for me, and with Mr.Pringles the same. Switched to Luke Walton and Lakers playbook, awesome change for me.

Lol got Greg Popvic my record right now is 12-3. I think it’s your team :thinking:

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Since the pd explosions, I have not noticed eq at all. Trying different coaches/playbooks etc.When I didn’t have an op team like the majority, I was always 50-60% win rate. Since myteam has been comparable, I’m in the 70-80% range.

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