Magic's jumper is garbage

Yeaaaah, idk HOW the hell mfs drop buckets with this broke ass jumper :joy:. i dont blame anyone for rim running with this man

Like Magic as a whole is probably still the best PG but goddamn that jumper is bootyhole, 2K should’ve atleast tried to fix it lol

If you want to Jack 3s all day, get another pg


His jumper is nice


Yeah i find it quite easy to green too


Funny enough, i ended up chucking 3s with steph

i just cant use it lol. like i can green it but if you dont green it… you’re in for a bad time

Yeah, i green it often but those full whites are straight bricks

Send me that highlight reel of Magic shooting jumpers

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Give him time:)

Gonna need one for Kareem too :rofl:

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Better yet, I found Bol Bol NBA highlights!


How much does magic go for

400k+ last I saw

watch how tydebo shoots with magic

I definitely like Ben and Oscar more than Magic this year. Not sure why I cant seem to get Magic’s jumper and animations down.

I picked up PD Magic last night and running him at the 2 next to LeBron at the 1, this lineup is straight cheese, Magic has that play initiator so he brings up the ball just as much as LeBron

His jumper is trash indeed. Besides this he’s nonetheless the best PG I played with.

I spent an hour in freestyle and got the muscle memory down. He isn’t going to peak off screens like Dwade but you can cancel and green at least decently.

Magic is worthless in a congested half court against a strong defensive opponent.