MagicJ official Giannis chase is going to end soon (3 cards away)

I am 64 cards away and I have 709k left. I’m too lazy for now to do schedules so I’m pretty sure that if I managed to get 600-700k mt more, I’ll get him


I went from 125 to 45 cards to go today too. I refuse to buy any card over 100k. Only did 3 teams scheudle. Hoping they release some cards next week. Really don’t want to do schedules

Just got another 400k mt. Tomorrow max he’s mine

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It cost me a stupid amount at the end lol. Im ALMOST THERE. Last schedule finishing soon and one more card to buy

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Go on man, the end is near

Good luck bro !

I might just splurge and go for it too. Just want to enjoy the game and not work the auction house or do schedule games. Congrats @raptorsbenchmob

Just got him:)


What cards you gon buy to get him with only that much Mt

Some diamond moments and TBE, and maybe some signature series

But I’ll need around 500k more I think

If I sell my kd I’ll have 1.3 mil don’t really feel like doing schedules

You think that would get me him?

56 cards left if I don’t do schedules

It’s your choice man. I might sell my Curry and maybe my TBE Magic to get more mt a’d get that Giannis. I’ll rebuy them after but I just need him now lol

Update :

30 cards away, opened a 10 box western packs and got Kiki and Nate Thurmond (bought alot of moments and TBE)


I’m 14 cards away. Got to grab last 5 from schedule, last 4 heat check cards and got about 900k MT. Hope today I’ll be done.

The last 55 cards to get for giannis cost me 1.1 million MT yesterday, buying moments and tbe from 10k to 40k

Yea you’ll be done

I got lucky with a This Day in History pack from MTU giving me a new card and redeemed two token players to get him. Hope he’s worth it.

Yeah, last 30 cards are insane :persevere: Only Veronica can guide me now

3 cards left

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That was quick mate.