Magic with 15 Hofs (ps)

Hofs: Clamps, C&S, Heartcrusher, Offball Pest.
Has gold range & flex release. + d contract & d Kd13Pe. 24h.

I barely play unltd due to xp grind, don’t wanna waste him anymore. I f need mt for AD :cold_face:

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I’m copping this.

Change title to Xbox so that I can buy.

Somebody get this man a ps5!

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Oh my. I might have to cop it

Mods gonna kill me i promise no more bumps :cold_face: 1.5h left :money_with_wings:

Whats it at rn?


What’d he go for

10 mins left, still the same. I am in shambles lol.

Ok now what did he go for

I got 400 :cold_face: