Magic/Thunder Summer League Locker Code


Will be for magic & thunder players like last summer league locker code the other day. PD or higher.


PD Jalen Suggs. At least one more card added to my collection.

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got a PD … they are so irrelevant at this stage that I opened the pack 2 hours ago and can’t even remember who it was LOL

GO Durant Signature Series

Opal Poku. Can sit in my unopened packs with the 20 other Pokus and PD Lukas I can’t be fucked opening from my run to CWebb over the weekend.

No wait it doesn’t sit in my packs, I opened it, haha. Can sit in my auctions :sweat_smile:

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Yes, plenty of Pokus and Lukas in clutch last weekend. What could not get after 75 wins is a damn Eaton (or even a Chet). They need to ban the clutch wheel. Better odds getting an endgame Tacko today.

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Yeah I reckon I went from 20 wins through to 100 and no Eaton or Chet for me.

I think I got the worst one.

PD Paul George from 8 months ago

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Go Isaac, already had him. Sold him and bought go durant. Still 20 tot Guy for invincible nowitzki.

Expired. (But thanks for heads up!)