Magic shooting

Hey i hope someone can give me a little feedback. Got magic and put drd on him noticed his shooting improved but i wonder if limitless range and foams would pay off or wont he ever be a real sniper from 3 anyway? His three is good already just cant rely on it too much. Thanks

He won’t ever be a true shooter like klay, but yeah throw a shoe and limitless and it will pay off.


shoe, limitless, get maybe dwayne casey or one of the coaches and he could hit 88-90 on his open 3 atleast

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He can hit everyshot not a jumpshooter but open is cash when you know the release.


I can pull from 3-4 feet from behind the three point line pretty consistently. He has a 93 three pointer with my shoe and coach, and paired up with limitless range he’s just as good as any other shooter.

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Really? You got the shoes and limitless? and thanks for the feedback everyone

I have DRD and limitless on the one i bought, and even though it didnt have a shoe with 3 point boosts, he has been good if found open

i only have emerald pace and space coach so the boost is only +2 , but a better coach could get it up

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Timing is key. He will get a up more good shots than not if you aren’t rushing especially with shoes/coach. But like other’s said he’s not going to be your lights out shooter. You need to combine his post faders with 3pts to space the floor. If you’re only taking long distance 3s, you’re not using him effectively.

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Got him with foams he the king of splash now

I played a shoed and badged magic a few times.

He didn’t shoot anything insane but he was pulling up off the catch from deep with success, and also converting on 3pt attempts with a good shot contest.

I think it’s worth it because the shots that I let that badged magic take a raw one wouldn’t convert on at all.

I have foams with Kerr as coach and the shooting badges on him, he shoots 60% from three for me but I don’t force shots with him, I only take open shots, but you can pull up from limitless with him with the badge

I have him with Danton’s with no shoe and he surprisingly makes a decent amount of 3s, even off the dribble

Same he shoots about 60% for me as well with the Kobe AD Mid’s and D’atoni coach boost. A open shot 3 shoe definitely pays off on Magic. I don’t have deep range deadeye on him, but I do have limitless range. A lot of my Magic 3’s are just a couple of dribble moves to get them backing up for a drive and then hitting a limitless range 3.