Magic playbook has changed

Has 5 out
Spain play
And the punch loop

Completely different but might be a W


Interesting… That was my playbook in 19

5 out with blow bys and money 3pt plays. All I need to go 12-0.


Been mine for past 3 years lol


Hell, it might have actually been you that put me on game in 19 lol. Did you make a post about it?

Awesome, been waiting to hear some playbook news

Haha inmight have linked it to raws videos on the plays lol

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Does It still got Punch 5 Flare Rip & Quick 32 Box Flare and Quick 3 Scissor?

Nah it doesnt :frowning:


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Did someone say 5 out


So it has a Spain pick and roll

Its got warriors plays and iverson plays too

Wait, no flare rip??? That’s my single best money play…

Not that i could see but theres some other killer plays

Anyone know if hawks is the same? Theres not really any pb up so i cant buy it

Playbooks are rare atm. Pretty much only a couple in packs. Warriors book is the same as they were before 2k19 ended

Bro does the magic playbook have the same fist plays? 3pt plays?

None -.- ive gone to mavericks lol

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Lol need to learn a new playbook

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