Magic or Penny

Who’s the best ? Who tested Magic ?

I don’t know how y’all use Penny. His shot is asssss

You don’t use Penny for his shot. Penny is a different type of PG… If you know you know, but now that Magic is in the game it will be interesting to see how the game meta changes when the cards face up. I haven’t used him yet but Magic’s player model looks like a giant.

Would love to hear what people think about this. Penny has been my best PG so far, but I like to use the PG to drive and then kick out to some for an open 3 if the defense collapses or cheats. The problem is that he cannot get clamps badge. Good thing is that he still is a reasonable defender as pick and roll does not work with him there.

Magic is a disappointment and a weak PD IMO, I badged him up all defensive and he isn’t anything special at all , penny has better stats and an affordable diamond shoe , penny has the same strength , magic driving doesn’t get fouled and bricks everywhere other than mid , Magic doesn’t have enough badge spots for the shortcomings he has compared to penny & the rebounding badges rarely matter , I’m likely selling back today

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Checked into MT briefly yesterday and noticed Magic was already a buyout for his signature series. That’s not a good sign

I use Magic mainly in TTO. He is really really good. In Unlimited he is nothing crazy but I still prefer him over Penny.

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Sold mine for 149k right before the BIN so I’m happy , I haven’t lost yet after switching back to penny

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I love Magic. He is a nightmare for my opponents. He does have some extra HOF badges (Mismatch, Hook Specialist, speed and 3 point shoe, with Monty as coach).

I get why people won’t like him. It just depends on how you like to play. I really like him and Penny both.

I’m going to pick up Magic up just because, lol:) I enjoyed his PD last year after he dropped in price even when his Opal came out. Good to run tall line-ups when possible, especially if they all have long wingspans to fill the lanes and get the easy steals:)

On current gen magic isn’t worth it in my opinion. I got him yesterday gave him gold clamps gold sniper gold intimidator he moves slow and deadass couldn’t cover faster pgs. I on ball and off ball while using him. Idk if his stamina is too low but he gets winded pretty fast. Honestly i struggled to get him open. I’d probably take penny but i don’t like bigger gaurds this year. They feel clunky. I’d rather just keep my pd lillard and diamond Jamal crawford

Played a few games with Magic before work, he works really well for me. If you’re using a PG to three point hunt or rim run there are probably better options though. Passing, defending, creating mismatches and running an offense is where Magic excels

This magic isn’t magical at all , Jkidd that i play is waaaaay better , sold

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Like he said it, very slow for a PG.
I even like Dejounte Murray better as Magic.

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Magic is better.

On current is slow like last year probably. I’m on next, he feels slow in clutch mode., in unlimited and domination not so slow. I guess some game mods are same on both gens.
Overall for me much better than Penny on d, rebounding, and can burst to rim. Just can’t use magic in clutch games.

Though I was abusing stockton.pd lilard and mikal bridges in the paint in clutch with slow magic. He must be dubbled with centar or shure bucket