Magic or Ben?

Which one is better after they are both evolved? Pulled Ben today and heard magic may be better. What’s everyone’s thoughts?

Ben better slasher. Magic slightly better shooter now if evoed esp if u shoot in hot zone. Ben has no 3pt hotzones. Depends on your playstyle

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Ben release is better for sure but I prefer Magic’s animations.


Yes magic animation is better. I used to run them both especially in the 4th. Run magic at pg and pf with ben. You cant go wrong with this 2 cards. If you can afford to have both the better

I’m leaning toward Ben. I bought both to test them but I like Ben. He’s just a lot more

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Who is your bench pg? Will lock penny this coming weekend to save mt.

Magic has slightly better dribbles and finishing animations, Simmons has a better shot and s-tier ridiculous contact animation. Feel better with Ben switched onto big 4s and 5s, Magic is a slightly better on ball defender. I kept Ben just because he’s the most fun card in the game to me.

Yo Ben looks like a monster haha huge but he makes the tough layups and dunks, like sheesh they’re really good

Only downside is he feels slower while dribbling compared to magic, and his lat q really feels like he’s dragging sometimes… that being side, I rather have Ben, his shot is easier and he just gets the job done, but you can’t really go wrong with either of them

Ben is still a top 3 or so card in the game imo and he always greens his catch and shoot limitless threes. Release isn’t fast but it’s so visually easy without the meter

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Where does glitched giannis stands between the two?

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i think magic and simmons are better


in terms of an actual pg type card magic is better. simmons has the dunks but hes slower so even slashing wise. shooting wise magic has hot zones but a worse release so even there. magic has the better player build, better in the post, better dribbles, and defense. i take magic

I’d say Magic is better. The issue is his jumper, if you don’t green it, it’s not dropping. I’d assume Simmons is mostly the same if not better.

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I personally like Magic better than Ben, especially with the price difference. I sold Ben for amount for which I purchased Magic as my starting PG and Oscar as backup

I grabbed magic last night . First time this year I’ll be using a Magic , have a contract and grinches on him. I loved using him last year but was afraid to spend the mt this year on him he’s been all over the place in value . Hope I made the right choice . Was using draymond, hedo as my pgs

this comment is pretty much how I feel as well, although I think Magic’s dribble animations are much better.

another positive about Ben is he plays the 4 really well, maybe even better than PG


Ben is end game for me, and how excellent he plays at the 4 is perfect

Play him at the 4 and run your offense through him

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Use Draymond and pocket the mt. I used magic for a good month but switched to draymond and been no drop off
Got an extra 400k to boot

Draymond is by far better defender, but if you know how to btb with Magic it’s OVA. Ain’t no Draymond can do that :slight_smile:

I used both and Prefer Ben due to his finishing abilities, I found magic dunks animations a bit repetitive. I also preferred Ben Jumper and defense. Draymond is a great alternative for a fraction of the cost.