Magic or 97 WB at PG?

I am currently running 97 WB at the PG spot and he has been fine for me lately but everyone keeps praising Magic. Wb has Magic beat in all the stats and badges but maybe the animations make the difference. Which one would you go for ?

I would love to try that 97 WB. Actually the 95 badged out with open 3 shoe would also do.

I start Magic and tried running RW as my backup PG. First play I tried to drive past someone, and Russ got bumped back and practically fell over - RW is too small when everyone is running Magic, Pippen, and LeBron at PG.

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It’s not the animations it’s the height

You pretty much running LeBron at point and no one can call it cheese with magic

Id say whatever fits your playstyle more, theyre very similar players but also have their own special niche. Also had no problem getting by lebron/giannis/magic with wb, its all in the sticks my friend.

I haven’t seen that animation once man. The 97 Westbrook has been absolute MONSTER for me. I personally think he’s the best PG in the game. Over pink diamond Magic. He’s that good for me. He literally has no weakness. He has the rebounding of a diamond center with HOF hustle rebounder too. You would think that doesn’t matter but he averages a little over 3 rebounds a game for me. My point guard. My backup PG is diamond Rondo and he does very well rebounding the ball as well.


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I pulled Westbrook today he was just as you said an elite card, but I had trouble guarding 5 out with Westbrook. He’s not big enough to guard the Lebrons, Mj’s And Tmac’s at point guard. defense is decent. Offensively he was unstoppable. Finishes over anyone. I’m probably going to sell and put MJ at point

I got Westbrook at PG and diamond MJ at the 2. Pretty deadly. But if I play someone that runs 5 out I just quit instantly. If they want the win that bad then I’ll give it to em lol.

How much is the Diamond Magic running in the PS4 AH these days? Every time I look, in recent days, there’s only one or two or three, and usually with Contract and/or a Shoe. I’m cool with getting a “no-frills” Magic. Got myself back up to 400K, after buying a Malone and a J-Rich, and I’m trying to consider whether or not I’m willing to clean myself out for Magic (or keep grinding MT for DI KD and/or future Warriors cards).