Magic Johnson Takeover List!

As with Larry Bird, I’ll be compiling a comprehensive list of all possible takeovers for Opal Magic right here in the original post. Please share the takeovers that you’re able to achieve. If you don’t mind trying multiple coaches with your chosen diamond shoe, that would be greatly helpful to us all.

Thank you in advance for any and all contributions!

No Shoe:

  • D’Antoni - Playmaker/Shot Creator
  • Pop/Stevens - Playmaker/Lock

White Kobe AD:

  • D’Antoni/Pop/Stevens - Playmaker/Lock
  • Casey - Playmaker/Shot Creator
  • Ruby Coaches - Playmaker/Lock

Red Kobe AD:

  • D’Antoni - Playmaker/Sharp

White/Black Adidas:

  • D’Antoni - Playmaker/Post
  • Stevens/Pop - Playmaker/Lock

White/Pink Adidas:

  • D’Antoni - Playmaker/Shot Creator

Lebron 15 Black:

  • D’Antoni - Playmaker/Lock

LeBron South Beach:

  • D’Antoni - Post Scorer/Playmaker
  • Stevens/Pop - Post Scorer/Playmaker

White Jordan XXXI:

  • D’Antoni - Playmaker/Slasher
  • Ruby Coaches - Playmaker/Slasher


  • D’Antoni - Playmaker/Slasher

Jordan XII:

  • D’Antoni - Playmaker/Shot Creator


  • Kerr - Playmaker/Sharpshooter

I’m hoping for play/lock on Magic
And sharp/lock for larry

Playmaker is 100%

I hope I can get Post with Lebron shoes


Nothing worse than wasting a shoe and changing your takeover to something you don’t want. This should really help us all, and save time from having to dig through the countless discussion threads and comments.

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Pretty sure play/sharp is possible too

:face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: Magic with sharp


I’ve gotten really used to having 98 Magic with Post takeover.

Hoping this is still possible with D’Antoni.


Agreed lol

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I loved post takeover on my ASG Magic. Those black Adidas baby

I got you right here @Dmvr

Will have a full list throughout the next day or so

i need play sharp cuh

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That’s a GG, personally I want Post Scorer, so I can body KAJ and Yao :laughing: boy that’s something else lol


Give sharp to Magic is blasphemous

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ill see what his takeover is with dantoni with no shoe

giving him a 3 ball is also stupid but it doesnt matter.

His release is slow, his moving shots aren’t great, sharp won’t be a good fit for him

hes play shot with no shoe dantoni

Do you have any defensive coaches, a ruby coach, etc? Try a few if you don’t mind. You know the quickest way to see his takeovers right?

Maybe with gold shoes using D’Antoni?

If someone can tell us if he gets post takeover with D’antoni and blue Lebron 15