Magic Johnson appreciation thread

I wanted to make a thread about how amazing Magic was.

There’s a narrative that he couldn’t shoot 3s, but he shot 30% for his career and hit 38% twice, in an era where 3 point shooting was more of a specialty than a necessity. Not Steph Curry percentages, of course, but far from not being able to shoot.

There’s also a narrative he wasn’t a good defender. While it’s true he struggled to guard the smaller, quicker guards like Isiah, he averaged 3.43 steals in 80-81 (fourth highest season average in NBA history) and 1.9 for his career.

He’s much more than just a 2K mismatch. Magic is one of the top 5 players of all-time. One of the greatest winners of all-time. Best PG of all-time. Best passer of all-time, and it’s not even close.

Watch his highlights and give me any name that even comes close to making the passes that he did - Not even counting the no look flashy shit, I’m talking about the angles, making passes with either hand, on-point to the shooting pocket or in-stride on the fast break, in between defenders who had just turned their heads, etc.


Is he the greatest Laker of all time?

imagine harden cooking magic 30 times in a game.

Woulda been legendary.

Magic is one of the GOATs but I take some points off of his overall standing bc he chose to be born when he was, instead of in the 90s bc he is too afraid to play against Harden.


To me, he is.

Harden would shoot 1-15 from deep as Magic advances to the next round of the playoffs.


Magic woulda been shamgod’d so hard he would fake a hamstring injury

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So happy this is real life talk and not about 2k.

Magic was so good. He didn’t have to be 6’9 to be a great player but that size and skill combo hasn’t been matched by anyone other than Bron. People see Magic’s highlights all the time but if you ever watched extended tape of him he did so much. Don’t let that smile fool you, one of the most competitive guys to do it. He smiled because he enjoyed ripping the opponents hearts out that much.


No. That mantle was passed. He was for a while.

This right here.

Ervin at 6’4 would still be a top 5 all time player.


Well, I can always say I share birthday with Magic.

if I shared a birthday with you I’d wish I was never born at all


imagine…at 6’4 he wouldn’t even be better than nash


Comin out swingin with the savagery. Sheesh Vork. :rofl:


I tried not to press reply

And I couldn’t resist


I’m waiting for the punchline to that joke…


im deadass…he definitely won’t be better than curry at 6’4…his height is important and even contributed to his passing game…he can see over every guard


I agree with you…Curry is beyond under appreciated.


I think Curry is a better Nash analogue than short Magic.

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Magic without the aids could potentially be a top 3 player. Considering how 5 years of his career we’re just ripped from him.


I think he’s still top 3 tbh.