Magic is the best card in the game

well for me at least. I havent used those 2m,++ mt cards yet and probably never will


GO Magic GO Simmons or PD Glitched Giannis. I can only get one.

Diamond D Wade and PD Joe Caldwell are the best cards in the game for me :slightly_smiling_face:


I sold Magic and using d Wade with duo. 7-0 so far. He is way too expensive to keep while pd Wes is around imo. Huge Magic fan here btw. First year i keep no Magic.


Magic is awesome, but Wade is in another level. I don’t know why, but he is a monster defensively. Massive doubts about going for the GO one.

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Magic’s btb is something else.


He’s the best driver in the game and its not even close

That i agree but 400k, come on.

Easily worth it, for me.


I thought people keep posting this Wade up and probably would buy him back but not a soul tried that yet. People just shoot 40 3s a game and Wade just keeps up.

I’m on a budget so i try not to keep expensive ones when the time comes. Pippen + Wade can handle. Not worth in my case but i understand you :slight_smile: would do the same without alternatives.

Sell me on the wade + bosh duo. Hahaha

It’s good but i use it out of necessity tbh. Locked Pip, Bosh is there. Magic was sub after Pippen so i combined both & sold Magic. If you love 1 of those cards tho, it’s really good. Mine is more mt management targeted.

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Not a fan his shot. But his dribble moves, his driving, dunk package, defense, and layups are the best at the point. You could easily win games against great squads with his pd.

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Wade + PD Shaq is a much better duo. Bosh is overrated imo. Also they won a championship together in 2006 :smirk:

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Hahahaha lmao if only pd shaq can shoot threes.

Who cares if he can’t shoot if you run PNR every trip down the court :grin:

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Hahaha what is your team looking right now.

It’s Wade Rice Larusso BigBen Shaq // Unseld Caldwell RoCo Kemp

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Team is looking good bro Hahaha

I’m not good, i can’t go 12-0 this year meta is not for me.

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