Magic impressions?

You guys still enjoying this card? I’m a few games away and not even excited cuz nobody talks about him

Can’t play defense

Does the height advantage on offense make up for it?

Not true at all. The key w him is having a SG that has clamps that can defend the 1 while Magic guards the 2 or 3. He’s not going to defend speedy/slashing pg’s well, but anything else he locks down. I’ve been running Baron at the 2 & Giannis at the 3. I put Magic on the slowest guy & its money.


I’m kind of conflicted, I’d rather not use a smaller PG like Baron w/ Magic because it takes away that big lineup that I wanna use with Magic. I’d essentially be playing him as a SG and there’s way better options. Do you think Marion or Bowen are good at defending PGs?

He sucks. What more u want

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He get blown by any pg with a quick first step. Stockton and Baron are way better

Triple Double machine for me. Hide him on defense by putting him on the opponents SF or PF and you’re good. Offensive mismatch makes up for it. Definitely not for everyone’s playstyle though

True. If you want a “meta” pg take Baron or Stockton

Magic is good but not great. If he had a few defensive badges he’d be super OP. Fun card to use though. I run him next to Dumars and just put Dumars on the PG

We need a pd Magic with everything we wanted

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Everytime I face a Magic card my game plan is to attack him. Nuff said.

I will drop 300k+ easy for an upgraded Magic


Who do you attack him with? I dont plan on having him guard speedy PGs

Bowen doesnt have the speed. Get Paul George w Magic. Best backcourt in the game.

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Are you using a dia shoe on him, guys?

If you want to backdown a pg down all game.

yea didnt he have a hard time against fast pgs in real life

He could lock up a shooter up.