Magic, giannis, or kobe?

Which player would benefit my lineup the most?

Magic. Charlie Scott really ain’t shit imo. Magic will make every single player in your lineup better.


If you could afford Magic and Giannis, and downgrade elsewhere, that would be the best case scenario

Magics hooks dont miss bruh

Was thinking bout selling my bron. That would give me what I need for either of them.

Do that 100%.

If I were you I’d probably go with Magic…


Something like that, if you need to sell LeBron, which you should anyway. lol

Going miss that 99 open 3 :disappointed_relieved:


Get Magic in your life.

His MJ is locked.



Yeah I kinda wish I didnt lock in the set. Kemp is pointless when I have blake.

Use kemp right and hes a beast, but blake spreads the floor

Get magic. The hof lob city cheese is alive and well in that lineup

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I would normally say Magic. But I finally gave into the hype and played Giannis at the 1. He man has does some crazy things at point. He has been getting the same amount of assist as Magic but way more points. Magic would only get like 15 and 10 while Giannis is getting like 50 and 18.

The time has come

Sold for more than I thought

Ya I had the new LeBron same shoe sold for 205k

I sold Iggy today with Shoe and Contract for 200ķ. I thought I would only get 120ķ

Wait what bro. Lebron sells for more than paul george? should i drop him and grab PG?